The Simple Process

Step 1
Sign Our Engagement Letter

Give our Experts the green light by signing our Engagement Letter, which formally kicks off the process to get you your money.

Step 2
Gather Needed Documents

We’ll outline all the documents required for us to get your credit into your pocket! Your information is always safe and secure in an encrypted, cloud-based shared drive.

Step 3
Credit Analysis

Once we have all the documents an expert will begin working on your credit calculations.

Within 7 business days your file will be complete and we will be in touch to tell you the credit amount.

Step 4
Get Paid

Once the paperwork is submitted to the IRS, the processing time is typically 6-8 months. If you wish to receive your funds earlier we can offer financing against your IRS Credit. Funding is typically 14 days.

Begin Qualifying Today

And capitalize on the Self Employee Tax Credit (SETC) opportunity.

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COVID issues mean:

For your dependent children:

You took care of your dependent child (under the age of 18 or a child with severe disabilities) related to COVID. The child’s school or daycare closed, your child was sick, or your child was told to quarantine due to COVID. Your child had COVID, had COVID symptoms, a COVID related illness, and / or a COVID vaccination.

COVID issues mean:

For yourself or a non child dependent:

You had COVID, had COVID symptoms, a COVID related illness, a COVID vaccination, were told to quarantine because you were exposed or affected by COVID and / or you were not allowed on location for your business because of COVID.