What Our Clients Have To Say

Tom did NOT request a testimonial but I felt it was important so that the next person won’t make the same mistakes I did….

When Tom first approached me I was very hesitant to get involved in ERC due to our Company having already received a PPP loan. To be fully transparent, I thought it was a scam and did not want to have our Company involved in anything that might be involved in “suspicious activity” or worse yet “fraud”!

Tom never pushed, just gently suggested that I talk with a couple of other clients he had worked with in the same Industry. Plus I was scared of adding additional workload on the Finance Department… but all those concerns were moot. We simply sent copies of our existing documents and had a 30 minute call with Tom’s Team and the next thing we knew we found that we were eligible and had the opportunity to borrow against the money that was guaranteed to arrive in several months….We have received the money and could not be happier!

Now, with ERC all over the TV , Radio, and Ads with spokesmen from Hollywood actors to the Shark Tank’s “Kevin O’Leary ” singing the praises of their particular ERC Company. It would be a much easier decision because of the increased exposure.

What I liked about Tom and his Team was that ERC was ALL they were focused on and were seen as the “experts” in the ERC arena. Professional, Responsive, and never over promise just produce results!

We strongly recommend Tom & his Team and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns….

Keep Working Hard!

Ron Greenfield

My name is Jeffrey Nadrich. I am managing partner of a California Statewide Personal Injury Law Firm. We are extensively involved in California personal injury, California wildfires, mass torts, and environmental cases nationwide.

As managing partner, I deal with vendors of all varieties who work with our law firm and/or would like to work with our law firm.

For our Employee Retention Credit vendor, we did a tremendous amount of due diligence and interviewed many firms before we decided on and used Square Kilometer. We ended up being very satisfied with them for the following reasons:

  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Incredible expertise from their CPA’s.
  • Completely responsive to us.
  • Worked with us in compiling all necessary documentation.
  • We received our full amount requested even earlier than I expected.

I wholeheartedly recommend Square Kilometer. I have already recommended them to other law firms.

It was a pleasure doing business with them.

I only wish that the ERC program could come along every five years to benefit businesses like ours.

Feel free to call me if you have any further questions concerning the above.

Yours sincerely,

Jeffrey Nadrich
Nadrich & Cohen, LLP

I’ve been collaborating with Tom’s team for over a year now, and the process has been smooth and successful. Many of the people I’ve introduced him too didn’t realize they qualified for the ERC, or they simply thought they were going to get far less money. Now that my colleagues are receiving substantial checks for their ERC they are more than willing to refer their other colleagues to Tom. Restaurants and Cannabis companies have been particularly skeptical but now are true believers!

Thanks Tom.

Dan’O Partner
Steeper Grown LLC

Tom did a great job of explaining the ERC program to me and my leadership team. Frankly it was very early on, and no one was really talking about it. We were able to get the funding turned around very quickly because we acted fast, and Tom’s team expedited the documents. The ERC funds were very timely for our business which is extremely seasonal and it allowed us to import more products for the holiday rush.

Brian CEO
Memphis TN

We did ok during COVID. I was surprised we qualified for so much money and the checks are coming in.

Cameron Clarke
CEO, Sunderstorm

This couldn’t have come at a better time for our business. This $$ really helps.

Waylon Broussard
VP of Wholesale/Retail

Raj and Tom were able to process our application expeditiously with favorable results. I would recommend them to any enterprise that needs to file the employee retention credits.

Jamie Warm
Henry’s Original Founder

COVID issues mean:

For your dependent children:

You took care of your dependent child (under the age of 18 or a child with severe disabilities) related to COVID. The child’s school or daycare closed, your child was sick, or your child was told to quarantine due to COVID. Your child had COVID, had COVID symptoms, a COVID related illness, and / or a COVID vaccination.

COVID issues mean:

For yourself or a non child dependent:

You had COVID, had COVID symptoms, a COVID related illness, a COVID vaccination, were told to quarantine because you were exposed or affected by COVID and / or you were not allowed on location for your business because of COVID.